SEO & Internet Marketing

Staying on Top

The internet is the nations home away from home. So it’s no surprise that in order for your company to stay on top you need to be ranking in popular search engines. Like google, bing, and yahoo. Unfortunately a lot of companies are being lost in the crowed due to poor Search Engine Optimizations techniques and prices for Website SEO going through the roof.

Always Flexible

Before providing a quote for your companies SEO Walkway Web Designs will do an overall inspection of your websites current SEO and compare it to our research of direct competition websites.

Walkway Web Designs offers a variety of SEO Packages to fit your companies individual needs and budget. We offer Initial, monthly, quarterly, and yearly Search Engine Optimization.

Going Organic

Search engines work organically learning and changing as people utilize them. Proper SEO Techniques utilize the information given by the search engine analytics to find the “real terms” people are looking for and compare them to the amount of websites using these terms.

By combining this technique with several other unique SEO techniques Walkway Web Designs has created a proven technique to get your companies website ranking. We only SEO organically working with the search engines to find your website for valid terms.

Keeping in Touch

Everyone knows that e-mail is the knew “Mail”. Mail Fliers have always been a good way to keep in touch with your clients. E-mail Marketing is not much different. Most people check there email several times a day. This offers companies multiple opportunities to get “in contact” with their clients each day.

Now, to get potential clients to read your E-mails. The key to this is “familiarity”. People are more comfortable seeing familiar designs. Comfortable people are more likely to take the time to read your email advertisements. Creating familiarity and comfort is obtained by utilizing “Good Branding” and Maintaining Branding Identity.

An additional “Buffer” used to help create familiarity and comfort in clients is you guessed it Social Media Marketing. Facebook, Tweeter, Linked-In, and Blogger are all popular ways to stay in touch with clients and it works. Clients are more comfortable with companies that are consistently “in contact”.

At Walkway Web Designs we’ve developed a technique that utilizes these marketing tools to keep you “noticed”. We will work with you to apply this technique to your companies specific needs at a rate your company can afford.