Flash Website Design

Flash Forward

There are many options relating to Flash Design for websites.  Your whole website can be developed in flash, your website banner can be flash, a single element on your website can be flash, well you get the idea.  At Walkway Web Designs we will take the time to meet with you to discuss the flash design options that are best for you.  Our team has the ability to create a wide spectrum of flash based design.

Flash for Fame

Flash Design became popular in early 2000 because people wanted a new way to be noticed.  A way to “stand out” so to speak.  While “good flash design” can help your website “pop” and give your clients something new and engaging to look at, “bad flash design” can make you website look crowded and confusing for you customers making you company seem illegitimate. We’ve all seen the websites I’m talking about with the “flashy” adds and so many moving object you can’t focus on what your looking for.

The difference between “good flash design” and “bad flash design”……. the experience of the designers.  Walkway Web Designs had been creating an array of flash designs for 8 years and has the experience to help you with all your Flash Design needs.