Website Maintenance

Customized for Cost Efficiency

Keeping up with your companies website can be time consuming and time is money. However with web design firms charging prices like $85 a change and $120 dollars and hour most companies can’t afford to pay for website maintenance.

Walkway Web Designs offers a unique solution to this problem. We offer Customized Website Maintenance Packages. When we say custom we mean it. We do not quote website maintenance on any general guidelines because all companies maintenance need are different.

The 5 Questions to Website Maintenance Simplicity

We will meet with your company and ask a few simple questions:

1. What is your website address.
2. About how many changes a month are made to your website
3. What kind of changes are made.
4. Do any of these changes have deadlines
5. Would you prefer to pay for Website Maintenance monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

After we have asked these questions and have taken a brief look at your website we will give you a quote. It’s that simple!

If at any time your Website Maintenance needs to change we will reevaluate the maintenance plan with you and simply adjust the price accordingly.

Don’t let your site fall behind remember that if your site is not up to date then your potential customer assumes that your company is out of date.

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